For an architect, every project begins with a dream, and then comes the discovery of the suitable location… In Kasaba project, I always found myself immersed in dreams, almost designing a fairy tale land. We aimed to design by considering every detail, the details in the nature; the trees, the sun, the shadow, what they bring to life. While we benefitted from nature and everything it offers, we also used technology in the most efficient way and made our choices by considering every possible detail in terms of comfort and ease. In this project where we studied all neighboring relations individually with every house and every place, we primarily focused on life comfort, we wanted to design a contemporary dream world. Even imagining the environment we wanted to create during design phase was thrilling and a privilege for us. I hope it will feel the same actually living in it…

Ebru Kantaşı Mert
Architects Mehmet Karaören / TR / Karaören Architects
Ebru Kantaşı / Kantaşı İnşaat Proje ve Danışmanlık Hizmetleri A.Ş.
Cemal Mutlu / TR
Charles Legler / USA
Jorge Hernandez / USA
Juan Caruncho / USA
Şefik Birkiye / BE
Tony Phillipson / UK